About Nottingham Skillsbank


Nottingham Skillsbank was set up to enable skilled individuals to volunteer with voluntary organisations.

Nottingham Skillsbank allows us to ask ‘How can what you’re good at help a voluntary organisation to do more?’

The scheme also gives voluntary and community groups easy access to a wealth of experience, knowledge and support.

Nottingham Skillsbank is run by Nottingham CVS, which has been delivering a volunteering service for around 40 years.


How does Nottingham Skillsbank work?

Individuals register their skills that they would like to offer and the time they can give.

Voluntary and community organisations add tasks that they need completing and the timescale of the task. 

Once registered both the volunteer and the voluntary and community organisations can contact eachother directly through the website.


Aims of Nottingham Skillsbank

The project was borne from a pilot project run by Nottingham CVS in 2012 in partnership with the University of Nottingham, which was all about helping companies get their employees into volunteering opportunities which used their skills.

The aim of Nottingham  Skillsbank is to:

  • improve the effectiveness of local voluntary sector groups and organisations
  • improve the quality of volunteering in Nottingham
  • increase the amount and widen the variety of volunteers in Nottingham
  • use more of the skills available in Nottingham for the benefit of the community and voluntary sector
  • help provide organisations with professional skills on an ad hoc basis
  • give skilled professionals an opportunity to be engaged with their local community
Last updated: 29 July 2016

Your skills can benefit the community