Employee volunteering


Are you looking to encourage your workplace to volunteer?

Employee volunteering can

  • Enhance the wellbeing and development of employees
  • Improve work skills and enhance transferable skills
  • Maintain and develop community links
  • Be an alternative and complementary approach to staff development and training
  • Increase publicity and reinforce organisational reputation
  • Help attract and retain employees

We can help you promote volunteering in your workplace by providing information on how to start volunteering and its benefits.


Volunteering leave schemes

Lots of businesses allow volunteering leave. This generally allows staff around one to three days of paid leave per year to make a difference in the community, whilst also developing staff skills and benefiting business.

If your organisation is interested in developing this policy and would like some support or information contact Caroline Berrill at Nottingham CVS by email carolineb[at]nottinghamcvs.co[dot]uk.


Skilled volunteering

There is an urgent need for more individual skilled volunteers to support community groups here in Nottingham.  From helping create a database to painting a mural, your input may allow organisations to develop and deliver more services. If you have a specific skill, whatever time you can spare will be useful. You can use Nottingham CVS's own Nottingham Skillsbank scheme to offer your skills and see what is needed. Register for Nottingham Skillsbank or browse to see what tasks community groups need help with here. 

If you are looking for more general volunteering, you can search for groups who need volunteers by using the national volunteering website www.do-it.org.uk.


Group volunteering

If you are looking for volunteering days for groups of your workforce then there are a few ways you can do this:

  • You can use the Do-It website to search for organisations looking for groups of volunteers.
  • You can advertise your offer to charities and community organisations via the weekly NCVS E-Bulletin by contacting communications[at]nottinghamcvs.co[dot]uk.
  • It you are looking for more managed support for this then Business in the Community will be able to help you. For more details, please contact their Employee Volunteering Manager, Dave Richards, who can discuss projects with you on dave.richards[at]bitc.org[dot]uk or 0115 924 7407.
Last updated: 21 October 2014