Wednesday 29 July - Bringing our project to life

Welcome to ‘The Problem of the Poor?’ blog page. This blog aims to keep you, the reader informed on what we, the wonderful volunteers have discovered in our unique heritage project and how we have been getting along.

Today was our last session on the project before we take a break over August. We continued working on the content for our pop-up banners, and made good progress.

We began by going through the presentation and layout guidelines that we’d agreed on last week, explaining the reasons behind these to people who hadn’t been able to be there.

We then talked about the possible audiences that there might be for our banners. These could be people who see the banners at our own events, at other events and groups that we visit, and when the banners travel to different organisations. We also discussed the different kinds of content that we’ve uncovered that we could choose from, the variety of subjects that we could potentially cover, and the messages that we wanted to share. How to treat labels and ideas that were used at the time but, are very different to today’s language and mentality, was also something that we had to reach an agreement on. There were also other issues to decide on, such as whether to give equal attention to different areas of the organisation’s work, or to focus mainly on what the organisation itself saw as its main work.

From this we decided on the themes for our five banners, and – with some lively discussion – the points we felt it was important to deliver in each. We also settled on the real-life stories and the visual images that we want to use to bring these points to life.

Would you like to see our banners at your venue? Contact Alison on 0115 9349553 or at alisonm[at][dot]uk

Last updated: 28 August 2015