What is it about?

Nottingham CVS is working with Nottingham City Council and the NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group on a major piece of engagement work called 'Looking After Each Other'.

This piece of engagement work ties closely with the Vulnerable Adults Plan for Nottingham City 2012-2015.

So what do we mean by Looking After Each Other?

Simply put, we’d like to get Nottingham talking about how we can better enable citizens and communities to have a key role in meeting their own needs and aspirations.

As set out by the Vulnerable Adults Plan for Nottingham City 2012-2015  individuals have three main areas of need if they are to live a healthy and fulfilled life:

  • Good Health – through access to health services
  • Social Support – through access to adult social care services
  • An enabling environment – through capability within their communities

Looking After Each Other will focus on the third of these needs, an enabling environment. This can be anything from family and friends to community groups to voluntary organisations to other service providers. Looking After Each Other will aim to bring all of these community assets together.

This is your invitation to join the Looking After Each Other programme of work – which you can do in the following ways.

  • By letting us know what you already do in your community to help create an enabling environment.
  • By letting lots of other people and organisations know about the work being done on Looking After Each Other.

To find out more or to get involved, speak to email vapn[at]nottinghamcvs.co[dot]uk

This work does not form part of the consumer voices role that Healthwatch Nottingham and Nottingham City Voices take in relation to adult social care.

Going forward with Looking After Each Other in 2016

The Vulnerable Adults Plan for Nottingham City is currently review.

Please watch this space for new and exciting initiatives as part of the Looking After Each Other Movement later this year.

Background on the Vulnerable Adults Plan for Nottingham City 2012-2015

The plan was co-authored by the NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group and Nottingham City Council, with the strapline ‘A Preventative Strategy: Building a capable community and supporting choice’. The intended outcomes for vulnerable adults in Nottingham as part of the plan are that:

1.     They are safer, healthier, happier and live longer lives in which they are able to fulfil their aspirations

2.     They have support, advice and information to live with choice, control and dignity, in a place of residence which seeks to meet individual needs

3.     They are enabled to achieve their full potential as active partners in their own support and as part of a community wide support system

Behind these aims lie the services delivered through statutory health and social care agencies and partnership organisations, including the community and voluntary sector. The key to structuring most of this is the Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board.


Last updated: 29 July 2016