Show us how you're #LookingAfterNottm

At Nottingham CVS we have launched a social media campaign called ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ – which aims to encourage people to share their good deeds in looking after vulnerable people in the city.

The campaign is part of 'Looking After Each Other' – a major engagement programme NCVS is delivering in partnership with Nottingham City Council and the NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group, which is all about changing the way we look after vulnerable people in the city.

For the ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ social media campaign, we want to encourage the people of Nottingham to use sites like Twitter and Facebook to share any good deeds they do in looking after vulnerable people. The idea here is that if lots of people start talking on social media about their good deeds, it will hopefully encourage other people to start thinking about how they too can help the vulnerable people in their own communities.

There are several ways you can get involved in ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ – as follows:


1. Twitter

Tweet your good deed using the hashtag #LookingAfterNottm. Please feel free to include a photo in your tweet, as our Communications Officer Rich has done in the example below – and NCVS will retweet as many ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ tweets as we can to our 2,000+ followers.

2. Facebook

Post your ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ good deeds on Facebook. If you choose Facebook as your medium for getting involved with ‘#LookingAfterNottm’, please post your deeds not only on your own timeline, but also on the NCVS Facebook page – as that way, we’ll get to see your good deeds too! And as with Twitter, please feel free to include a photo.

3. Email

If you don’t use social media but would still like to get involved in #LookingAfterNottm’, you can send us your good deeds by emailing them to us – again, including a photo should you wish to. Please send any good deeds to communications[at][dot]uk - we can then share the details of your good deeds for you via the NCVS Twitter and Facebook pages, and also via our website and weekly E-bulletin.


We hope at NCVS that lots of you will embrace the ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ campaign.

Rich Fisher, NCVS Communications Officer says: “There are lots of people in Nottingham who do great things to look after vulnerable people of our city. We hope that by sharing their good deeds through the ‘#LookingAfterNottm’ campaign we can encourage others to do the same and ultimately help Nottingham become a more caring city – which is what the wider ‘Looking After Each Other’ programme is all about.”

Read more background on ‘Looking After Each Other’.

Last updated: 03 July 2015