Nottingham succeeds in City of Football bid

Nottingham was successful in its bid to become England's City of Football - and will now receive £1.6 million in funding to get more people in the city playing the sport regularly.

The city was chosen for the City of Football title by Sport England, following a bid led by the city’s strategic partnership board One Nottingham.

One Nottingham were supported by numerous partner organisations, including Nottingham CVS. Our Chief Executive Helen Kearsley-Cree says: “I’m delighted that Nottingham has been successful in its bid – and I’m excited about the fact that we can now go ahead as a city and unleash our plans to create a social revolution through the medium of football!

“Nottingham is of course famous for having the oldest football league club in the country – Notts County, who were founded in 1862. And with Nottingham CVS having been around since 1875, we’re actually only 13 years younger ourselves!

“Along with One Nottingham and other partners, NCVS has been involved in the whole application process for the city to become City of Football. And now that the bid has been successful, we feel we have an important role to play. Our city’s social revolution in football rests on the ability to mobilise our voluntary sector, our citizens, our volunteers – exactly what NCVS is at the heart of.

“We are looking forward to working with and supporting the organisations that will be delivering a lot of the activities that are being planned as part of the City of Football programme. Bring on the social revolution!”

Our photo above shows representatives from all of the different organisations that were involved in Nottingham's bid for the City of Football title. Helen can be seen in the centre.

Watch this space for 'what happens next' now the title has been secured! You can also find out more by visiting the official Nottingham City of Football website and Twitter page.

You can also see more information - including a statement from Sport England's Director of Sport explaining why Nottingham was chosen - on the Sport England website.

Last updated: 05 February 2015