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11 April 2012

Nottingham City Council has released a Policy Briefing in relation to the City's response to the disturbances in August 2011

13 February 2012

We took on board information from the sector over the last year and especially from the meeting after the budget consultation at NCVS on Monday 6 February.

10 January 2012

We are delighted to introduce our new Chief Executive, Helen Kearsley-Cree. Here, she introduces herself.

15 December 2011

NCVS has updated its policy alert about Localism since it became an Act in November 2011.

11 August 2011

Like everyone that loves Nottingham I’ve been saddened by recent events. I’ve been thinking about how the voluntary sector can help to support affected communities and ensure the city stays calm .

05 January 2011

The government has been consulting on how to improve support to frontline voluntary groups. NCVS has submitted a response.