Policy briefings and engagement

In recent years, there have been some significant changes to both local and national government policy which have affected the voluntary and community sector.


Local changes

To keep community and voluntary organisations up to speed with local changes, we hold regular question and answer sessions with local politicians, as well as a number of consultation events.

We recently responded to a series of Nottingham City Council Budget consultation events, one of which we hosted. You can read our response here.


National changes

We keep a constant eye on Government activity so that when big policy changes come up we are set to brief you on the ways in which they may affect you.

Below are a series of briefings explaining these big policy changes. Each briefing is short and factual, and will help you navigate through the uncertainties that we're all facing.

These documents were updated February 2014.

Housing Benefit - LHA and Bedroom Tax_0.pdf123.35 KB
Transforming rehabilitation services briefing_0.pdf112.64 KB
Big Society briefing.pdf66.21 KB
Localism briefing.pdf75.98 KB
Last updated: 27 March 2015